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1La canción de la alegría

The Boys from Córdoba, Argentina

It is in Dean Funes, Córdoba, where bandoneon player Pedro Vergara, patriarch of the Pacheco family, founded a clan that is born, lives and dies knowing that life is music and that without music you cannot live. Each generation had its teacher (the command of Don Pedro would be taken by Miguel Ángel “El Gringo” Pacheco). Without realizing it, the ‘students’ were taking a bit of each instrument, a pinch of each artist. Thus, the Pacheco family grew up in a perfect musical refuge, where folklore took a different dimension. Almost without realizing it, the quincho – mandatory stop for all artists – became a den of talent and magic. And they became better and better, more and more complete. The world – music – led the Pacheco in different ways. The idea of ​​playing was impossible to stop. With the same essence, with the roots of the same texture, Claudio made his tour as a bass player of the Chaveño Palavecino. Pedro was the rhythm from Luciano Pereyra’s drums and Soledad Pastoruti, la Sole. Turi Burgio did his thing with Nacho and Daniel Campos. The incorporation of the fabulous Nico Mondino, a unique, versatile and charismatic singer, added a new value that is transcending the media. Together with the excellent guitars of Diego Cardero and Juan Bonetto, the best national group that has been seen in a long time, PACHECOS, was formed.